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Title: Possibility to Build a Cost effective Campervan Businesss in Indonesia
Authors: Fariz Hutama Putra S.E, B.S, M.B.A
Prakoso, Mohamad Willy Dava
Keywords: cost effective Campervan Bussiness
Campervan Bussiness
Issue Date: 31-Aug-2021
Publisher: Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences
Series/Report no.: ;T202109075
Abstract: This research examines the possibility to build a cost effective Campervan Bussiness in Indonesia. Campervan is relatively new in Indonesia, because this kind of Business is only on the available outside of asian region. This research provides the possibility building a company in Indonesia, Indonesia has a lot of potential to build a business in tourism sector. This can be seen from the BPS statistics shows that 16.435.488 toursim (BPS, 2020) that visit indonesia as their holiday. This research using validity test, Reability test Linearity test, R-Square, T-Statistics as the research data processing. And also the study adopts a survey technique to capture the data, the data collection instrument adapted were questionnaires. These quesionnaires were developed based on informaton gather from the secondary research and deemed useful is fullfiling the aims of the research. This study was conducted to test whether there is an effect of cost effectiveness on the possibility of developing this campervan business in Indonesia.The effect of cost effectiveness on the possibility of developing a campervan business in Indonesia was tested using SPSS version 22.00 for Windows. There is a significant relationship between the two variables, this means that if the campervan business is developed in Indonesia, its cost effectiveness will also develop, following how this business continues to run. Price effectiveness in the possibility of developing a campervan business in Indonesia can be done by using large-sized vehicles that are very likely to be modified such as residences, without having to buy special vehicles such as those abroad which definitely have a higher price compared to the price of the vehicle. In the t-statistic test, it is explained that the hypothesis in this study is accepted, which is true that cost effectiveness affects the possibility of developing a campervan business in Indonesia. Possiblity Campervan Business Development in Indonesia The campervan model that allows it to be run in Indonesia is the campervan which can only be used for traveling per route only.
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