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Title: The Analysis of Social Media Presence of Antacid, Respiratory and Multivitamin Supplements Brands in Southeast Asian Countries
Authors: Tanto, Verlyn Angelica
Keywords: Desk market research
Digital marketing
Social media
OTC Brands
Digital findings
Issue Date: 31-Jan-2024
Publisher: Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences
Series/Report no.: EP BE-001;EP24-034
Abstract: In today’s digital era, digital marketing is the phenomenon that plays an effective role in achieving marketing goals. The spread of digital marketing includes several advantages for marketers, such as ease of targeting customers with high accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and global reach (Anis & Hassali, 2022). During the ongoing research, the intern came across a term called Pharma Digital Marketing (PDM). PDM is a branch of digital marketing specifically used in the pharmaceutical industry. It involves the understanding of navigating the complex environment, balancing medical accuracy with compelling storytelling and reaching diverse stakeholders. In other words, PDM uses the potential of technology to bolster brand visibility, enhance brand awareness, stimulate engagement and drive conversions. Once accomplished, a brand is able to educate, build trust and nurture relationships with the target audiences (, 2022;, 2023). This paper aims to provide insights based on the intern’s work experiences in one of PT Kalbe Farma Tbk subsidiaries, Kalbe International Division. The core project of the internship is desk research on social media. Thus, the project is done to provide data that can allow Kalbe marketers to enhance the social media marketing on Kalbe’s OTC brands, especially on its social media presence. On the other hand, this report can be a secondary source of information for researchers to know more about the circumstances of digital marketing in the pharmaceutical industry.
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