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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-09-29Fabrication and Characterization of Clindamycin incorporated Keratin-pectin hydrogels for wound healing application through ionic gelationNathanael, Joshua
2021-09-29Fabrication and Characterization of Clindamycin Incorporated Keratin-Thiolated Pectin Hydrogels Through Ionic GelationCarolan, Orlando
2021-08-28Fabrication and Characterization of Keratin Pectin Hydrogel Incorporated with Antibacterial Drug for Wound Healing Application through Ionic GelationSheryl
2021-12-07Fabrication and Characterization of Keratin-Tamanu Biocellulose Hydrogel for Wound HealingWibowo, Elizabeth Chrestella
2021-09-29Fabrication and Characterization of Silver Nanoparticle Incorporated Keratin-Thiolated Pectin Hydrogels For Wound Healing Application Throug Ionic GelationAdiyanto, Shakila Angjaya
2021-01-28Fabrication of Keratin Intermediate Filament Proteins (KIFP) Cryogels for Wound Dressing PurposesAndre
2023-06-12Factors Affecting Consumer’s Purchase Intention Toward Plant-based Milk in Indonesia.Lyman, Melvin
2020-10-02Factors That Influence Attitude Towards Student’s Behavior on Waste Management at i3L JakartaDR. Hermendito; Rumkorem, Bernharth S.
2023-06-12Filtering ECG Signal to Optimize the R Peak Detection Using Scipy Library with pythonHusada, William
2023-01-01Finished Goods Packaging Defect Analysis in PT. So Good FoodNelson, Jessica Britney
2019-12-11a Follow-up Study of App/PS1 Mice Treated With IL-33Alexandra, Hardiani
2021-07-29Food Safety Assessment of Food Court Stall and Identification of Vibrio Cholerae From Blood Cockle (Anadara Gradosa) in Pasar Ikan Muara BaruAsasta, Arya Wisnu
2021-09-29Formula Improvement of Granola Bites Chocolate Vanilla and Shelf-Life Determination of Cereal and Snack Products at East Bali CashewsMeliana, Catarina
2023-06-12Formulation and Evaluation of Antioxidant Cream Containing Morinda citrifolia and Propolis ExtractEnriko, Gregorius
2023-06-12Formulation and Evaluation of Effervescent Granules of Coriandrum sativum Leaves ExtractJamaica, Putri Avanny
2019-08-19The Formulation and Optimization of Light Fat and Reduced Sugar Ice CreanWinda
2023-12-13Formulation of Sulfate-Free Organic Dog Shampoo Using Natural Ingredient with Different Ratio of Surfactant and its Physicochemical EvaluationSuryani, Griselia
2021-09-21The Formulation of Vegan Chicken SkinVania
2021-09-21Freezing Point Validation as Monitoring Parameter For Incoming Raw Milk at PT. INDOLAKTOHalim, Katarina Laura
2024-01-18Fruit Flavored Energy Bar Production Process And New Product Development At Pt. Nutrisi Harapan Bangsa, BekasiTheodora, Nadya