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Title: Factors Affecting Consumer’s Purchase Intention Toward Plant-based Milk in Indonesia.
Authors: Lyman, Melvin
Keywords: Plant-based
Purchase Intention
Consumer Behavior
Issue Date: 12-Jun-2023
Publisher: Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences
Series/Report no.: BE 23-002;T202306037
Abstract: The primary objective of this research, undertaken as a university student, is to delve into the multitude of factors that exert influence on consumers' purchasing intentions for plant-based milk in Indonesia. By closely examining attitudes, perceived behavioral control, and subjective norms, the objective of this study aims to uncover crucial insights into the key drivers and barriers that shape consumers' decision-making process when it comes to opting for plant-based milk alternatives. The outcomes of this study hold immense significance, as they possess the potential to enrich marketers' and policymakers' comprehension of consumer behavior within the Indonesian market, thereby fostering business growth. Moreover, these findings encompass valuable insights that can assist in the effective promotion and positioning of plant-based milk products. A quantitative online questionnaire was distributed to 150 respondents and a qualitative in-depth interview to 10 informants who have consumed and are willing to consumer plant-based milk products in Jakarta, Indonesia. The research methodology utilized in this study involved the application of Covariance-Based Structural Equation Modelling (CB-SEM). The findings of this research will determine the significant factors that affect consumers’ purchase intention by stating whether the factors from the Theory of Planned Behavior are related to the purchase intention.
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