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Title: The Effect of Honey in Different Concentration as Sugar Syrup Subtitute in Italian Meringue Towards Physical Appeatances, Textural, and Sensorial Preferences of macaron Shell
Authors: Antonius, Billy
Keywords: Honey
hypoglycaemic effect
meringue formulation
macaron making
honey meringue
Issue Date: 19-Nov-2019
Publisher: Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences
Series/Report no.: FS 19-013;T201912062
Abstract: Honey is a better alternative as sucrose replacer compared to the other sweeteners as honey has hypoglycaemic effect, cause reduction in blood lipids, homocysteine levels, and C-reactive protein levelsin normal and hyperlipidaemic subjects. Honey can also improve the taste of cookies and meringue compared to the other sweeteners. As snacking is trending while diabetes is emerging, the sugar conten tof food should be reduced. Macaron as the popular baked product nowadays, contain high sugar especially in its meringue. This research aims to test the effect of different concentration of honey inItalian meringue towards the physical measurement, texture, and moisture content of macaron, as well as the sensorial preferences of honey macaron compared to control. The research includes meringue formulation, macaron making, physical measurement, texture analysis, moisture analysis, hedonic test and data analysis. The results showed that liquid honey is not suitable for macaron as it causes macaronto have high moisture and too soft as a macaron. The sensorial properties of honey macaron were also scored lower than control, as seen in the hedonic test results. The research can be improved by using other forms of honey as well as incubator chamber during the resting period. The application of honey meringue towards other food might be tested as well.
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