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Title: The Positive Effect of POS Systems in Micro and Small Cafe in Jakarta
Authors: Silvia Sembiring
DR. Hermeindito
Andriantoro, Muhammad Ismail
Keywords: Point of Sale
Cafe Jakarta
Issue Date: 28-Jan-2020
Publisher: Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences
Series/Report no.: BE 20-001;T202010001
Abstract: Point of Sale (POS) System is commonly used for business to conduct transaction from customer, generally using a simple cash register machine as a base, a cash drawer to store the money and note to write the receipt, this early version of POS System, has been the norm for micro to small businesses in Indonesia. But as the time changes, so does the competition. Yet the method for micro to small businesses of handling purchases has not changed much since the early days. As the Y Generation or commonly referred to as “Millennial” enter the workforce, young entrepreneur starting to penetrate the market and adapt new technologies into their system. This paper raises five aspects that we considered has impacted the adoption rate of POS System among micro to small businesses, considering the disparity in scale to larger businesses and the difference in Indonesia in terms of both cultural and geographical aspects compared to other countries. The aim of this research is to find out to what extent does a POS system effect costs, manageability in Cafes within the Jakarta Region, whether the devices are ease of use enough for adoption, and whether or not micro-small cafe’s in Jakarta should sink costs into this. The method approach taken will be a Qualitative Research, using Framework analysis finding codes within interviews done with cafe owners who will act as subjects. The Framework, built by in-depth literature study will be used to apply a code to the result of the interview, an Open Questionnaire. Pricing of POS systems, features available, ease of adoption, and aid to managing systems, are shown to positively affect Costs of the business and manageability, with statements that participants are finding POS systems, easy to use and adoptable. This is evident from statements given by participants in open ended questionnaire, all ended up on the same trajectory, filling in the data which proved to be the positive than the negative.
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