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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-02-25JJA Research Sri Lanka highlightKarnadi, Lydia
2022-02-25JJA Research Sri Lanka-completeKarnadi, Lydia
2022-03-01JJA Research Sri Lanka-highlightKarnadi, Lydia
2022-03-01JJA_Research VietnamKarnadi, Lydia
2022-06-06Keratin-Pectin Hydrogels as a Bioink Candidate for Cancer Organoid ModelsAzhar, Sharifa Fawziyya Amalia
2020-12-20Knowledge Toward Type II Diabetes Risk Factors and Its Influence on healthy Lifestyle: a Study on Consumer Behavior with Specific Focus on College StudentRichard Sutejo, Ph. D; Stefan Gutert, Ph. D; Boseren, Lilyen Likchen
2022-11-11Linking single nucleotide polymorphisms to metabolic risk and matrix remodeling in abdominal aortic aneurysmsLim, Chrysania
2021-12-24Linux and R Computational Protocol: Application of Statistics and Data Sciences in CancerParikesit, Arli Aditya; Agustriawan, David; Ratnasari, Nanda Rizqia Pradana
2022-07-01Lipoprotein Lipase and Cholesteryl Ester Transfer Protein Genes-Dietary Fat Interactions on Lipid Trait: A Nutrigenetic Update in Asian Indians"Nathania, Evelyn Adela
2024-01-18Local Heritage Innovation Concept: Instant Powder Milk With Indonesian Dessert FlavorsTheodora, Kezhia Alverta
2018-08-22Lung Cancer Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) Mutation Detection Kit Validation and OptimizationSyafitri, Giardani
2022-07-16Machine Learning Approaches to Identify Genetic Predictors of Rheumatoid Arthritis.Tera, Tyniana Carissa
2022-07-01Machine Learning Approaches to Identify Genetic Predictors of Rheumatoid ArthritisTera, Tyniana Carissa
2018-08-16Marine Brown Algae: Investigating the Antibacterial Activity of Crude Extracts of Sargassum spp. from Pari Island, Indonesia against Klebsiella oxytoca”Richard Sutejo, Ph. D.; Safitri, Dewi
2020-10-15Market Research on Opportunities of Plant -Based Meat With a Focus on Vegan Bakso in Vegan Communities of IndonesiaLuqman, Oriana Namira
2024-01-18Measurement Comparison Of The Density Of Sterilized Milk Using Lactodensimeter And PycnometerPelasula, Mercy Meitrecia
2021-09-29Method Development of Skin Brightening Product Efficacy Testing For Gene Expression Assay Using RT-PCR: a Literature Review PT. Skinproof Derma Lab AsiaGunawan, Jessica Ferinstyadewi
2023-06-12Microbial and Biochemical Assessment of Coffee Milk Production Quality at Jago Coffee Using Total Plate Count and Methylene Blue Reduction TestSerain, Risha Lavelia Shfgard
2021-11Microbial Culture PreparationDevanthi Ph.D, Putu Virgina Partha; Pramanda M.Sc, Ihsan Tria; Surjawan Ph.D, Iwan; Naidu S.T.P, Navitri Chandra
2021-09-21Milling Process Technologies and Production of Wheat Flour at PT. ISM TBK DIV. BOGASARI Flour MillsHewijanto, Oktaviani