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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-06-12Gelatin-Chitosan Edible Film with Kesum Extracts: Evaluation of Physical, Mechanical, and Antimicrobial Properties of the FilmCiputra, Ignasius Edwin
2024-01-18Gender Differences Towards The Preference Of Cocktails At Baza Bazi Among Young AdultsPrayogo, Paola
2021-09-21Gene Set Selection and Gene Expression Quantification Method Development For Anti-Aging Efficacy Evaluation of Cosmetic ProductBunardi, Chyntia Sherlyn
2018-08-28Gene Target Validation to Improve Transdifferentiation Efficiency of Fibroblast into CardiomyocytesJonathan, Kevin
2019-12-19Generating Cisplatin-Resistance Hela Cell LineMarsha, Tania
2018-08-22Generation Of a Codon Optimised Ara H 2.02 Peanut Allergen Construct For Expression In YeastTimmy Richardo, M.Sc; Rawatan, Kezia Morla
2020-10-02Generational Differences Between Generation X And Generation Y In Work Experience, Work Value, Work Outcome, And Cultural Dimension In PT. Kalbe Farma TbkBudisantoso Tjong, Ph.D; Dr. Stefan G√ľntert; Mustafafi, Zahra
2024-01-18Genetic Profiling Of Drug-resistant Tuberculosis Samples In Jakarta And West Java Using Oxford Nanopore Technology SequencingAmaris, Ezrela
2021-08-11Genome-scale Metabolic Model Reconstruction of a Small Defined Soil Microbial CommunityWijaya, Davin Saviro
2021-08-31Gorry Gourmet: Quality Control and Nutrition PT. GORRY GOURMET, INDONESIAArif, Michael Varrellino
2022-09-29Guideline to Sustainable Water Management PracticeMichelle, Hoe; Ph.D., Katherine
2022-09-15A Handbook on in vitro Gene Expression Study for Cosmetic TestingHartanti, Pietradewi; Gustiananda, Marsia; Susilo, Richard Felicia Edgina; J, Jesslyn; Jonathan, Michael
2019-10-14Healthy Food Restaurants Patrons' Motivations and Their Influences on Dining Experience in Switzerland and IndonesiaTjong Budisantoso, Ph.D; Prof. Dr. Leng Khim Lim; Iryanti, Fariska Yosi
2012-11-22High-rate biogas production from waste textiles using a two-stage processJeihanipour, Azam; Aslanzadeh, Solmaz; Rajendran, Karthik; Balasubramanian, Gopinath; J. Taherzadeh, Mohammad
2021-09-29Histological Analysis of Wound Healing Treatment using Pectin Silver Nanoparticles and Keratin-Pectin Silver NanoparticlesSantoso, Adrian Wangsawijaya
2021-09-21Histological Evaluation of Wound Healing Treatment with Pectin clindamycin and Keratin-Pectin clindamycinTee, Albert
2022-07-01Idenfying Dietary Paerns in Respect to Ultra-Processed Food (UPF) In French And Bulgarian Elderly Populaon: A Pilot StudyJeremy, Deswen
2019-12-19Identification and Characterization of Endogenous Small Mitochondrial PeptidesFidelito, Gio
2022-07-04Identification and Comparison of SARS-CoV-2 Peptides Binding to HLA-A*24:02 and HLA-A*24:07Tangtobing, Stevanie Faustina
2022-07-11Identification and Flavonoids in Ethanol-Soluble Calophyllum Inophyllum Oil from IndonesiaTanoto, Kenjiro