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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-26Reducing the Foodborne Pathogens (E.coli 0157:H7 and Staphylococcus aureus) growth in Low Salt condition using soy sauce starter culturesSandjaja, Eric Bernardus Lili
2023-01-10The Physical Properties of Plain, Coconut-Flavored, and Black Grass Jelly-Flavored Jelly During Storage at PT. XYZNatalia, Gwenda
2023-01-01The Development of Calming Tea and Fruit-Flavored Sport Drink Prototype at PT Bintang ToedjoeSusanto, Stevany Sekarningtyas
2023-01-11The Effect of Storage towards Physical Properties, Specifically on Syneresis, pH, and Color of JelliesWidjaja, Yediya Gabriella Anna
2023-01-01Determination of pH and Brix of Vinegar at PT. LocavoreYovita Setiawati, Febronia Tangguh
2023-01-01The Effect of Ultra High Temperature (UHT) Processing towards pH and Total Soluble Solids Stability of Reconstituted Orange Juice, Jasmine Tea, and Vanilla Milk during Refrigerated, Ambient, and Incubated Storage.Anthea
2023-01-10Effect of Storage Condition and Time to Physicochemical and Sensory Properties of Beer Crystal and Beer Bintang at PT Multi Bintang Indonesia TbkNathanalia, Jeanne
2023-01-01The Effect of Storage Temperature on Color of Tehbotol Sosro packaged in PET bottles at PT Sinar SosroRahayu, Sherly Indah
2020-08-06Physiccochemical, Textural and water soluble Protein Analysis of Overripe Temp-e Produced From Traditional and Modern FacilitiesAndretti, Mario
2024-01-18Quality Variation Assessment Of Different Production Batches By Analyzing The Physicochemical Properties Of Tehbotol Sosro At Pt. Sinar SosroSetiadi, Evrona Keiza