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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-09-15In Vitro Study of Type I and III Collagen Expression by Active AAG1-AAI on With 2D Human Dermal Fibroblast Culture Using ELISAHartanti, Pietradewi; Gustiananda, Marsia; Sutejo, Richard; Mulia, Gabriella Jeanne
2022-09-16In Vitro Cytoprotective Study On HaCaT Cells Against Pollution ModelsHartrianti, Pietradewi; Sutejo, Richard; Gustiananda, Marsia; Gracius, Lavisiony; Chriscensia, Erika
2022-09-15In Vitro Cytoprotective Study Against Blue Light ExposureHartanti, Pietradewi; Gustiananda, Marsia; Wibowo, Richard Elizabeth Chrestella; Adiyanto, Shakila Angjaya
2022-09-15A Handbook on in vitro Gene Expression Study for Cosmetic TestingHartanti, Pietradewi; Gustiananda, Marsia; Susilo, Richard Felicia Edgina; J, Jesslyn; Jonathan, Michael
2021Immunoinformatics analysis of Wilms’ Tumor Protein to Design Multiepitope Peptide-Based Vaccine Against Breast Cancer for Indonesian PopulationRenantha, Rachel Raditya; Aurora, Yulia; Christyani, Grania; Gustiananda, Marsia
2021Immunoinformatics design of a multi-epitope peptide-based ovarian cancer vaccine targeting Mucin1Ashiila, Putri; Ronsumbre, Herdiana; Reba, Vanessa; Gustiananda, Marsia
2021Expression of TNFAIP8 and ATP7A in cisplatin-adapted HeLa cell lineGustiananda, Marsia; Marsha, Tania
2020Prediction of promiscuous T cell epitopes in Hepatitis B virus proteome as a starting point for designing immunotherapy and vaccineGustiananda, Marsia
2019T cell epitope prediction of cancer antigens restricted by HLA A*24:07Gustiananda, Marsia; Purnama, Shawn Tjahaja; Siswanto, Melinda