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Title: Comparative Analysis of Stabilizers in Recombined Chocolate Milk Products: Effects of Variety of Stabilizers on Appearance, Viscosity, and Market Acceptance
Authors: Gunawan Rustani, Leander
Keywords: stabilizers
guar gum
gellan gum
locust bean gum
sensory evaluation
recombinant chocolate milk
dairy products
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2024
Publisher: Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences
Series/Report no.: EP FT-029;EP24-029
Abstract: This study explores the impact of stabilizers (guar gum, gellan gum, locust bean gum, carrageenan) on the appearance,viscosity, and sensory evaluation of recombinant chocolate milk. Through viscosity measurements and sensory evaluations, it aims to understand how stabilizers influence sensory and physical characteristics for product development. In the quest for superior dairy products, manufacturers strategically use stabilizers to enhance emulsion stability. The research underscores the infrequent reliance on a single stabilizer, revealing that all tested stabilizers failed to maintain stability. Carrageenan exhibited the fastest separation, while guar gum displayed the slowest, indicating visible appearance differences. Although no significant viscosity difference was found between the control, carrageenan and gellan gum, a notable distinction emerged between guar gum and LBG. The study establishes a positive correlation between thickness and perceived chocolate milk quality, indicating that heightened thickness contributes to elevated overall liking scores. However, a conclusive correlation between mouthfeel and favored samples remains elusive.
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