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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01-13Development of Ginger Powder Beverage with Milo Flavor for Bintang ToedjoeNugroho, Ivana Natasha
2023-01-01The Application of Flavors in Biscuits and the Influence of Flavor Carrier Solvent Towards Flavor Retention During Baking and Final Biscuit StructureEvangeline, Sabrina
2023-01-01Analysis of the Addition of Soda and Lime Juice towards the Antioxidant activity, pH, Brix, Color, and Sensorial Property of Sparkling Butterfly Pea BeverageLivia, Natasha
2023-06-12The Effect of Soy Protein Isolate and Konjac Glucomannan Hydrolysate Towards the Physicochemical and Sensorial Properties of Plant-based FishballBaihaqi, Putri Faiqdini
2024-01-18Beef Kimchi Instant Noodle Seasoning Formulation And Sensory EvaluationChristopher
2024-01-18The Effect Of Storage Condition Within 3 Months Towards The Sensorial Properties And Physicochemical Characteristics Of Vegan FlossJonathan
2024-01-18Fruit Flavored Energy Bar Production Process And New Product Development At Pt. Nutrisi Harapan Bangsa, BekasiTheodora, Nadya
2024-01-18Utilization Of Yeast Extract In Processed Cheese Towarda Consumer's PreferenceWen, Chelsy Angelline
2024-01-18Utilization Of Substandard Melon Into The Development Of Thai Melon Pie: Physicochemical And Sensory AnalysisImmanuel, Joya Angelica
2024-01-01Comparative Analysis of Stabilizers in Recombined Chocolate Milk Products: Effects of Variety of Stabilizers on Appearance, Viscosity, and Market AcceptanceGunawan Rustani, Leander