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Title: Characterization Of Pediococcus Acidilactici Postbiotics Loaded Bacterial Cellulose For Wound Healing Application
Authors: Valentine, Yeshaya
Keywords: glioblastoma
Notch signaling
Issue Date: 31-Jan-2024
Publisher: Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences
Series/Report no.: EP BM-037;EP24-079
Abstract: Glioblastoma is the most prevalent type of malignant brain tumor, with a fatality rate close to 100%. The failure of glioblastoma treatment is mainly attributed to the high proliferation and invasion rate of glioblastoma cells, in addition to the presence of glioblastoma stem cells, all of which are regulated by the Notch signaling pathway. Past studies have observed that the Notch signaling pathway is regulated by Deltex (DTX) protein family, whose upregulation is correlated with poor prognosis in glioblastoma patients. This study sought to investigate the role of DTXA in the regulation of Notch1 signaling and its role in glioblastoma cell proliferation in vitro. We found that DTXA positively regulates Notch1 gene expression, but not its oncogenic effector gene Hes1. Interestingly, despite this contradicting result, we also found that DTXA induces the growth of glioblastoma cells. Therefore, we suggest that DTXA might influence the expression of other Notch1 effector genes or participate in other oncogenic pathways.
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