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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-11-19Isolation, Characterization, and Identification of Microorganism from Bali Traditional Soy Sauce for The Production of  Low sodium Soy Sauce  Ariana, Purwita Putri
2019-11-19Isolation of a Prebiotic-Producing Gene (1-SST) in Dioscorea esculenta (Gembili) using Primers Designed from Chromosome 11 of Dioscorea rotundataHeriawan, Gili
2019-11-19Productions and Characterization of Biocomposite Produced from Solid-State Fermentation of Apple Pomace with FungiAdriel, Johnathan
2019-11-19Construction of Plasmid Vector for the Expression of LipYΔPE from Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv in Escherichia coliSutjiady, Pristha
2019-11-19Constructing and Cloning of PEGFP-N1 Vector Containing Turncated RPGRIP1L Coiled-Coil Domain from NIH 3T3Kumalasari, Inge
2019-11-19Constructing and Cloning of Pegfp-N1 Vector Containing Turncated RPGRIP1L C2 Domain from NIH3T3Denzyl, Chrestella Nathania
2019-09-19The Effect of Initial Sugar Concentration on Bacterial Cellulose Production Yield using Bacteria and Yeast Isolates from Kombucha in Molasses MediaSudibya, Khoe Erick
2019-11-19The Effect Of PH On Bacterial Cellulose Production Using Bacteria and Yeast Isolates From Kombucha Culture In Molasses MediaYoung, Jeffrey
2019-11-19The Association Between Mitochondrial DNA Copy Number (MTDNA-CN) and Relativr Telomere Length (RTL) with Genral Healthof Punan People Living in Respen Tubu, Long Sule, and Sajau Benau in North KalimantanMargaret
2019-11-19Scale-Up and Profitability Analysis of Bacterial Cellulose Production from MolassesSagita, Joe