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dc.contributor.authorWirabuana, Shareena-
dc.description.abstractThe overarching goal of this project is to comprehend the intricate dynamics of RNA viruses, specifically influenza A viruses, enteroviruses, and coronaviruses, which pose significant health threats. The focus lies in exploring host virus interactions, particularly the roles of host components in various stages of viral RNA replication, aiming to identify potential targets for antiviral interventions. The research centres on the interaction between two key proteins¡PA ¥encoded by influenza A virus¦ and host protein P ¥a mitochondrial protein with potential antiviral properties¦¡with the hypothesis that PA contributes to viral replication by binding to Host Protein P. Major findings involve the confirmation of this interaction through plasmid transfection, immunoprecipitation, and Western blot techniques. However, challenges such as nonspecific FLAG signals were acknowledged. Further investigations include assessing Host Protein P°s antiviral properties and its role in influenza A virus replication through siRNA knockdown, RNA extraction, RT qPCR, and plaque assays, revealing significant differences in viral replication between ÃÅ and ÅÉ hours post infection. The study concludes that, although the PA host protein P interaction was not conclusively established, the absence of host protein P appears to enhance viral replication, suggesting potential therapeutic strategies targeting proline metabolism. Limitations include the need for further repetition and the unknown mechanisms by which host protein P reduces viral replication, emphasising the complexity of host virus interactions and the importance of advancing fundamental understanding in this field.en_US
dc.publisherIndonesia International Institute for Life Sciencesen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesEP BM-011;EP24-053-
dc.subjectInfluenza A virusen_US
dc.subjectviral replication and proliferationen_US
dc.subjectantiviral interventionen_US
dc.subjectantiviral propertiesen_US
dc.titleInvestigation Of Virus-host Interaction Upon Rna Virus Infectionen_US
dc.typeWorking Paperen_US
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