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Authors: Lee, Ju Won
Keywords: sohun
dried noodle
sago starch
production process
Issue Date: 18-Jan-2024
Publisher: Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences
Series/Report no.: EP FS-008;EP24-112
Abstract: Pandus Food Industry is an individual company located in Purbalingga, Central Java. The company was founded in 1977. The products provided by Pandus Food Industry are two types of noodle, (1) Sohun and (2) Egg noodles. My position during the internship was to work in the production part as a productive team, learning the production process of Sohun in detail. The objective of internship is to know basic information about sohun and the production process of sohun, fully understand the production process of sohun and production comes out successfully, and inform people through knowledge gained by participating in the entire process. Sohun is a dried noodle product made from starch with a thread-like shape, a chewy, slippery and transparent texture. Production flow or process start with preparing the raw materials, rinse it repeatedly until it becomes clean, mixed well with water in a 1:1 ratio and started to boil until it became sticky, put it into a press machine, moved to a sunny place to start the sun-dried process, and ends by tying the sohun and packaging. Production process of sohun by sun-dried method has the advantage of saving costs and energy, but it is highly dependent on irregular weather changes and requires a wide land area and considerable human resource. These Internship opportunities deepened understanding of how the Sohun production process works and increased awareness of the skills and abilities involved. In addition, it helped to become familiar with the implementation of the practical tasks acquired through the chosen study program and food science subjects at i3L, as well as the environment, processes and workflows of the food industry. All the theoretical and practical skills gathered from the above will undoubtedly help understand the importance of safety and quality control during reaction, testing and production, which is behind the formation of this course. All the theoretical and practical skills collected from the above courses undoubtedly help me prepare to understand the reactions behind its formation, the importance of safety and quality management during trial and production.
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