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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019T cell epitope prediction of cancer antigens restricted by HLA A*24:07Gustiananda, Marsia; Purnama, Shawn Tjahaja; Siswanto, Melinda
2024-01-18[ Taiwan Experience Education Program ] Identification Of Differentially Expressed Genes And Key Pathways Downstream Of Lncx In Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma In Silico StudiesSudiatno, Adrian Halim
2022-02-22Tapioca Resistant Maltodextrin as a Carbohydrate Source of Oral Nutrition Supplement (ONS) on Metabolic Indicators: A Clinical TrialAstina, Junaida; Saphyakhajorn, Weeraya; Borompichaichartkul, Chaleeda; Sapwarobol, Suwimol
2020-10-07Targeting Histone Regulators to Reverse Hypoxia-Induced CD8+ T Cell Suppression in the Tumour MicroenvironmentZanardi, Moreno
2023-12-13Test Item Control and Project of Quality Control at PT Kalbio Global MedikaLiu, Queen Saint Monica Vannessa
2022-06-22Tracing The Changes To THE T-cell Epitopes of SARS-COV-2: From Wuhan-Hu-1 to Current Variants of ConcernTarigan, Immanuella Putri N.
2021-09-29Training on Nutrigenetics, Personalized Nutrition, and Statistical Genetic Analysis at The University of Reading, United KingdomNathania, Evelyn
2022-09-15Transcriptomics Computational ProtocolParikesit, Arli Aditya; Agustriawan, David
2020-12-28a Trust Model For Jakarta's Online Peer to Peer LendersBudi Santoso, Ph. D.; Fariz Hutama Putra S.E, B.S, M.B.A; Keung, Verrel
2021-01-28Typhonium flagelliforme AND CANCER: A SYSTEMATIC REVIEWHillary
2021-08-21Understanding Product and Process Improvement of Biscuits at PT GARUDAFOOD PUTRA PUTRI JAYA GresikRahardja, Gabriela Lysette
2023-06-12Understanding the Regulation of Proteasome Homeostasis upon StressWinaya, Aurellia Ramara
2023-06-12The Utilization of Cocoa Bean Shell Waste as a Replacer of Natural Cocoa Powder in Chocolate Cookies ProductionKemis, Dila Odilia
2023-06-12Utilization of Gel-filled Microwell Array Device to Isolate Potential Naphthalene-Degrading Bacteria from Sediment SampleTrisna, Tifara Elaine
2018-08-28Utilization of Molecular Simulation in Drug Discovery: Using Computational Approaches to Find the Best Inhibitor of Nicotinamide Phosphoribotyltransferase (NAMPT) For Cancer Drug CandidateSukirman, Annisa Muthiah
2019-08-19The Utilization of Spray Drying Technology to Develop Avocado (Persea Americana Mill.) Seed PowderAlissa, Karen
2024-01-18Utilization Of Substandard Melon Into The Development Of Thai Melon Pie: Physicochemical And Sensory AnalysisImmanuel, Joya Angelica
2024-01-18Utilization Of Yeast Extract In Processed Cheese Towarda Consumer's PreferenceWen, Chelsy Angelline
2021-08-20Utilizing Information System to Tackle Drug-Drug Interaction in Clinical SettingAgustriawan, David; Crystalia, Audrey Amira; Parikesit, Arli Aditya; Whisnu, Andreas; Firmansyah, Moch.; Veneqe, Ike; Valeska, Margaretta Deidre
2021-12-11Utilizing Information System to Tackle Drug-Drug Interaction in Clinical SettingValeska, Margaretta Deidre; Veneqe, Ike; Firmansyah, Moch.; Whisnu, Andreas; Crystalia, Audrey Amira; Agustriawan, David; Parikesit, Arli Aditya