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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-09-03The S Gene Primer Design for the Detection of SARS-CoV-2 VirusChandra, Nelson
2024-01-18Scalable CD45 and PD-1 Gene Knockout Protocols in T cell using CRISPR/Cas9 System for Improved Efficacy and Safety of CAR T cell TherapyAbriana, Felicia Michelle
2019-11-19Scale-Up and Profitability Analysis of Bacterial Cellulose Production from MolassesSagita, Joe
2018-10-28Screening of Antimicrobial Peptides (AMPs) in Plant Protein HydrolysatesRifinata, Christian
2020-10-02Screening of blpC Gene and Bacteriocin-like AcAzis, Nur Endaz Azizah
2024-01-18Screening Of Potential Compound For Psoriasis Drug Development: Cell-based StudyLiyuwardi, Felicia Putri
2019-11-19Screening of the Antibacterial Potential of Marine Actinobacteria from the Bangka Belitung IslandAvicena, Fahreza
2021-08-31Sekolah Seniman Pangan: Product Development and Improvement Based on Indonesia’s Local BiodiversityChristopher, Nicholas
2018-08-28Selection and Characterization of Exoelectrogenic Denitrifying Bacteria from Environmental Soil and Water SamplesEkadewi, Putty
2023-06-12Sensory and Physicochemical Analysis in Different Formula of Vanilla Ginger DrinkLienandi, Maria Florencia
2019-08-01Sensory Evaluation of cold brew cocoaSuta, Bayu Widyatna
2023-06-12Sensory Profiles and Acceptability Determination in Different Concentrations of Cocoa Powder Reduction in Chocolate Cream Fillings with coca ExtendersSeraphine, Sarah
2023-06-12The Sensory Profiles Comparison of Chicken Seasoning on the Application of Chicken Nuggets and Chicken Meatballs Based from Two Different SuppliersNatalia, Gwenda
2023-06-12Separation of Natural Folic Acid from Fermented Nixtamalized Corn Using Rhizopus oligosporus C1 strain through Microfiltration in Bench-scale ModulePratama, Rico Alexander
2023-06-12Sequence-Based Metagenomics For The Screening of Crispr-Cas Genes in Wang-Pra Cave Soil Located in The Khao-Wang Khamen Karst EcosystemAbe, Alif Hokuto
2023-06-12Shelf-Life Estimation of Co-crystallized Red Fruit Oil (Pandanus Conoideus Lam.) Based on Arrhenius ModelSuwandi, Linda Christina
2022-11-01Skincare and Bodycare Product Line Ideation, Innovation, and Development with Anti-Aging, Moisturizing, and Protective (against UV Light) PropertiesChung, Cecilia Ashley
2021-08-28Socialization of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in I3LMichelle, Hoe
2024-01-18Southeast Asian Ovalocytosis (sao) Diagnosis Using Microscopy And Molecular DetectionDevin
2021-09Soy What? Beginner's Guide to Soy Sauce HomebrewingNaidu, Navitri Chandra; Devanthi, Putu Virgina Partha