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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024-01-18Beef Kimchi Instant Noodle Seasoning Formulation And Sensory EvaluationChristopher
2023-12-13Biochemical Analysis on Subchronic Toxicity Study of F. Vulgare Extract in vivoSumarli, Aurelia Jeanita
2023-12-13Biochemical Assay in Mus musculus as Subchronic Toxicity Study Using Foeniculum Vulgare ExtractClarabelin
2022-11-12The Biodegration of Black Soldier Fly (Hermentia Illucens) on Tofu Dregs abd Bread WastesAlsyurafa, Wafiqah
2021-09-21Biodesign: a Novel Solution Based on DRG. Sanny Limiatys’s Problem Regarding Clear AlignerAini, Benedicta
2021-09-27Biodesign: Problem Solving on Ongoing Clear Aligner IOD Clear Aligner PatientsLim, Albert
2019-11-19The Biodigestibility Potential of Bioplastics in Anaerobic DigestionBolang, Febriana
2013-10-08Biogas Production from N-Methylmorpholine-N-oxide (NMMO) Pretreated Forest ResiduesAslanzadeh, Solmaz; Berg, Andreas; J. Taherzadeh, Mohammad; Ilona Sárvári Horváth
2024-01-18Bioprospection, Identification, And Characterization Of Actinomycetes enzyme And Secondary Metabolites From Nudibranchia as A Candidate For Antimicrobial And Alginate Lyase Enzyme Producer.Nicholas
2020-10-08Body Composition, Body Image, Dietary Intake, and Nutritional Knowledge Assessment among Ballerinas in JakartaAlianto, Daniel Christopher
2021-09-21Breast Milk Enhancing Supplement Literature Study, Prototype Samples Development, and Active GalactogogueCompounds TestingFeliena, Amadea Sofia
2021-07-08Business Planning and Analysis for a Plant-based Startup: KalyteraElita Jessamine Chandra, B.Comm, M.M; Gunawan, Erine Marcelina
2024-01-18Cardiomegaly Detection using Computer VisionFisranda, Ferdinand
2021-08-21The Changes of Microbial and Internal Microbial Growth Factors of Over-fermented Tempeh FermentationRimba, Phoebe Anadita
2023-06-21Characterization and Comparison of the Freeze-Drying Process at PT. Hijaukan Bumi Lestari and i3Lk, Krisnadi
2023-12-11Characterization and Cytotoxicity Evaluation of Crude Ethanol Extract of The Herbal Plant Gynura DivaricataSyamsu, Alnafisya
2022-11-11Characterization and Cytoxicity Evaluation of Crude Ethanol Extract of the Herbal Plant Gynura DivaricataSyamsu, Alnafisya
2023-06-12Characterization of Microorganisms Isolated from Bantar Gebang Landfills in Bekasi for Plastic Degradation PotencyAlexander, Jonathan
2023-06-12Characterization of Microorganisms Isolated from Cipayung Landfill in Depok for Plastic Biodegradation PotencySetiawan, Devina Checylia