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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-08-19Analysis of Internal Stakeholder Perception Towards Social Responsinility Activities and Their Influence on Attachment: a case study of Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences (i3L)Herdiansyah, Anasthasia
2019-08-19Empirical Analysis of the Inhibiting Factors of Micro-Business Growth in Jakarta, IndonesiaReni Mutiarani Saraswati, MBSYS.; Christian Silangen, M.B.A.; Abdel, Mohamad Nouval
2019-08-13Effect of Online B2B Purchasing System on Profitability and Productivity (Study Case on PT. Total Solusi Bersama, Karawang, Jawa Barat)Fariz Hutama Putra S.E, B.S, M.B.A; Dr. Hermeindito; Sentosa, Indra Sanjaya
2021-07-08Business Planning and Analysis for a Plant-based Startup: KalyteraElita Jessamine Chandra, B.Comm, M.M; Gunawan, Erine Marcelina
2021-08-31Possibility to Build a Cost effective Campervan Businesss in IndonesiaFariz Hutama Putra S.E, B.S, M.B.A; Prakoso, Mohamad Willy Dava
2021-09-21The Impact Of Covid-19 On Consumer Behaviour In The Ecommerce Industry In IndonesiaSilvia Hagaina Sembiring, B.Bus., MA-PACC; Cross, Jayne Salma
2019-08-12The Influence of Storytelling on Customer Brand Engagement: A Case of KRAH Coffee and CuisineTjong Budisantoso, Ph.D; Rizka Ruth Pratiwi, MBA; Hapsari, Nindra Ardhya
2021-08-21Exploring the Factor Structure of the CareerEDGE Employability Development Profile: A Case of i3L Undergraduate Students and AlumniReni Mutiarani Saraswati B.A., MBSYS; Lambert, Stephanie
2021-06-29Optimization of Traditional Medicine Business in IndonesiaElizabeth Furio Perez, B.B.F., M.B.A., D.B.A; Kamila, Faiza
2020-12-28a Trust Model For Jakarta's Online Peer to Peer LendersBudi Santoso, Ph. D.; Fariz Hutama Putra S.E, B.S, M.B.A; Keung, Verrel